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Our mission

We are family own company in operation for 20 years.

We pride ourselves that in today's economical situation with maintaining the highest transport standards even if it means not being able to mach competitors prices. We chose to keep standards and our drivers may run one leg of a journey on empty as not to jeopardize health regulations and our customers reputation.

Even in today's too common practiced of diluting the frozen good or mixing in sub par ingredients, we maintain our product's highers integrity.

We have proven our ability to unwavering deliver and provide product in a timely fashion to non stop production facilities.

Both out production and transport sides of the business are of unprecedented reputations.

We are looking forward to prosperous cooperation with companies that want to provide quality product with our ecological friendly, ethically and health standards transport.

We are a company open to progress and we look forward to solving our customers needs for product and transport.

How can we serve you today?

Our goal is top quality transportation services and customer satisfaction!


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For further information about our services, please contact us at:

Phone: +48 46 8616508


…"Quality is a way of thinking that makes one use, and constantly search for, the best possible solution."...

Author: Edward DemingNajwyższy standard oferowanych usług i produktów

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