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International transport

TRANSWIT specializes in transportation services both in Poland and abroad.

Our innovative solutions tailored to customers’ needs derive from our corporate strategy and reflect our position on the transportation market. The scope of our services corresponds with the requirements of the freight market.

To ensure safety, security and high quality of our services, each truck is monitored by GPS tracking. Goods transported internationally are provided with insurance coverage of EUR 300,000.


All our drivers are hired to work under relevant contracts of employment and they:

  1. are provided with regular training, including the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 561/2006 of the of 15 March 2006, occupational health and safety, fire safety, and HACCP.
  2. observe the law and other regulations (including customs legislation) as applicable in the country where the drivers operate. 


For detailed information about TRANSWIT international transportation services please contact us at:

Phone: +48 46 8616508


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